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LoanStreet Launches New Participation Analytics Tools

LoanStreet Launches New Participation Analytics Tools

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — January 3, 2018, LoanStreet Inc., the leading loan participation platform, announced today the introduction of new analytic tools to help credit unions measure the performance of their participation programs on a global, portfolio or even individual loan basis.

Ian Lampl, CEO and Co-Founder of LoanStreet, highlighted that “whether you are a buyer, seller or both by adding individual, loan type, seller, pool and global portfolio analytics to LoanStreet, our clients will now have greater transparency and insight into their participation programs and portfolios. Credit unions now have the power and information to determine what steps they can take to continue to improve their balance sheets.”

The addition of these Analytics Tools is one of several new features LoanStreet will be adding this year. Chris Wu, COO and Co-Founder noted that “we are constantly striving to improve and roll out the most cutting-edge and easy to use products for our clients.”

From monthly financial reporting, to quarterly regulatory reporting to the performance analytics, LoanStreet continues to bring innovation and value to all aspects of a credit union’s participation program. “This is the perfect time of year for credit unions to take a step back and see how their participation program is performing both specifically and globally and our new tools help them do just that,” added Ian.

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LoanStreet Inc. (LoanStreet) is an innovative loan participation platform that enables institutions of all sizes to cost-effectively participate loans in a regulatory-compliant manner. LoanStreet was co-founded by Ian Lampl, former Deputy Chief Counsel for TARP, following the financial crisis to meet the acute need he saw for a standardized and automated loan participation platform. For more information or to join the LoanStreet network, please visit or email:

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