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Loan Investors


With hundreds of credit unions, banks, and direct lenders on the LoanStreet platform, you will have access to hundreds of potential opportunities.

LoanStreet for Loan Investors
    LoanStreet for Loan Investors

      Buying Loans

      More Opportunities. More Growth.

      LoanStreet gives you immediate access to hundreds of loan offers with no exclusivity, no fees, and no minimum purchase requirements – all while receiving consolidated monthly reporting across every purchase you make.

      LoanStreet for Buyers
      • Easy and free registration for an institutional account allows access for as many people in your organization as you need.
      • Total transparency provides the identity of each seller and their loans on our platform, enabling you to make informed decisions before you buy.
      • Hassle-free due diligence allows you and your advisors to review institutional and loan information simultaneously in virtual data rooms, significantly reducing time and expense.
      • Standard sales agreement used by hundreds of financial institutions is available free.
      • Consolidated reporting delivered to you each month with summaries that you can cut-and-paste into regulatory filings and financial statements.
      • Proven technology  avoids costly manual missteps, expedites compliance requests, and helps make audits a breeze.
      • Comprehensive performance analytics help you understand the actual results of your purchases based on the seller, pool, or loan types across all transactions.
      • Financial compliance features help ensure you can meet GAAP accounting standards, federal and state regulatory requirements as well as support CECL compliance.
      • Industry-leading security through cloud-based, encrypted data storage and transmission of your monthly report data.

      Grow your lending network. Streamline your loan sharing processes. Drive better results.

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