Loanstreet for

Loan Investors


With hundreds of credit unions, banks, and direct lenders on the LoanStreet platform, you will have access to hundreds of potential opportunities.

LoanStreet for Loan Investors
    LoanStreet for Loan Investors

      Buying Loans

      Our platform radically reduces administration costs so you can buy more loans from more sellers.

      Gain immediate access to a wide variety of loan offers from different types of lenders with no exclusivity, no fees, and no minimum purchase requirement while receiving consolidated monthly reporting of every purchase you make.

      LoanStreet for Buyers
      • Easy registration to set up an institutional account. You can give controlled access to as many people on your team for no additional fee.
      • More precise exposure through the power of true diversification. Purchase any particular opportunity, in any amount or percentage, from any number of sellers, anywhere in the United States.
      • Total transparency provides the identity of the sellers and their pools on our platform empowering you to make informed decisions before you buy.
      • Standard intercreditor agreements save you time and money on negotiating sale terms. Opt-in to a free, standardized agreement that has already used by hundreds of financial institutions.
      • Access to detailed loan data makes it easy to get the information you need through streamlined pre-purchase due-diligence at the institutional and loan-level.
      • Fast and robust reporting through a single, consolidated report each month with history from every seller and summaries you can cut-and-paste into filings and statements.
      • Accurate results reported for every loan you’ve purchased allows you to expedite compliance requests and help make audits a breeze.
      • Financial compliance features help you manage your portfolio in a way that is compliant with both GAAP accounting and regulatory requirements and support for CECL compliance too.
      • Industry-leading security uses cloud-based encrypted data storage and means your monthly data report is always transmitted safely.

      Grow your lending network. Streamline your loan sharing processes. Drive better results.

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