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Direct Lenders


Loan Street's turnkey, online loan sharing platform streamlines the lending process from origination to maturity. Manage private sales to close partners or open your deal up to our broader network of new buyers.

LoanStreet for Direct Lenders
    LoanStreet for Direct Lenders

      Selling Loans

      Grow Your Income. Reduce Your Risk.

      LoanStreet’s commercial loan origination and administration platform is a turnkey solution for any size lender, loan or deal volume. By automating and streamlining routine management and compliance tasks, we improve transparency and enable you to scale your loan origination and sharing programs.

      LoanStreet for Sellers
      • Built-in collaboration tools offer the flexibility to originate the loan best suited to borrowers’ needs without sacrificing the ability to invite in other investors into the deal.
      • Single access point allows all parties – including borrowers, lenders, attorneys and auditors – continuous and secure access to the same information.
      • Integrated platform from origination to maturity avoids re-keying, duplication of efforts and eliminates transfer errors and other critical information loss that occurs over time.
      • Flexible platform allows you to manage private club deals or leverage our powerful book-building tools and lending network while maintaining total control over information flow.
      • Efficient process management enables borrower self-service of key administrative tasks – including online payment acceptance – while improving internal controls and information flow.
      • Hassle-free due diligence allows multiple buyers to review institutional and loan information simultaneously in virtual data rooms, significantly reducing time and expense.
      • Automated reporting facilitates completion of all applicable regulatory and financial entries for you and every investor.
      • Standard sales agreement used by hundreds of financial institutions is available free.
      • Financial compliance features help ensure you can meet GAAP accounting standards, state and federal regulatory requirements as well as support CECL compliance.
      • Industry-leading security through cloud-based, encrypted data storage and transmission of your monthly report data.

      Grow your lending network. Streamline your loan sharing processes. Drive better results.

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