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LoanStreet offers the first fully integrated online platform that streamlines the process of sharing, managing, and originating loans. Our turnkey solutions help:

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End to End Lending Solution

Share Share

Share loans via syndication, participation, or club deals on a standardized and transparent platform that generates more opportunities, more attractive pricing and better results.

Manage Manage

Manage loans on an automated platform that offers more accurate, real-time data to track your lending performance while lowering your compliance and administrative costs.

Originate Originate

Collaborate with your borrowers, investors and outside advisors on a single platform so you can seamlessly originate new loans.

The Power of our Platform

Whether you are a small lender looking for higher quality lending tools or an investor exploring new possibilities for your capital, LoanStreet is the single destination to solve your business needs.

Helping All Types of Financial Institutions

Credit Unions

Actively manage your balance sheet through better automation, scale and transparency.

  • Sellers: Increase income and liquidity while reducing risk.
  • Buyers: Grow income and diversify your balance sheet.


Establish new sources of revenue and enhance balance sheet management.

  • Sellers: Automate and standardize the sales and club deal process from origination to maturity.
  • Buyers: Gain immediate access to a wide variety of loan offers for free.

Direct Lenders

Gain deeper insights, track distribution of your portfolio and optimize your capital.

  • Drive better results through technology to ensure profitability and growth.
  • Streamline the process of sharing and administering loans.

Loan Investors

Reduce administration costs so you can buy more loans from more sellers.

  • Access different lender types with no exclusivity, and no minimum purchase requirement.
  • Receive consolidated monthly reporting of every purchase you make.

Our Clients

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  • Immediate Scale Our platform gives you access to hundreds of potential buyers and sellers, and more opportunities than ever before.
  • Improved Efficiency Our team actively looks to streamline every aspect of the process by from automating routine processes, standardizing deal documents, and eliminating red tape.
  • Increased Transparency Our platform keeps detailed track of hundreds of loan characteristics – including hard to track measures, such as long-term prepayment rates across loan types so that you can have a clear-eyed view of the market.
  • Dedicated Expertise Our team brings decades of unparalleled lending, legal, and regulatory expertise – and is focused on serving financial institutions of all sizes.

Why LoanStreet

LoanStreet was founded in 2013 with the mission of providing a more efficient, transparent, and robust way of administering and sharing loans. Today, hundreds of financial institutions use our technology-based solution — and the list continues to grow.

Grow your lending network. Streamline your loan sharing processes. Drive better results.

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